Tire Alignment and Suspension Services in Pharr, TX

It's important to know how all of the moving parts of your car work, and how they help it perform. Our service team at Clark-Knapp Honda is here to inform you of how to know you are due for alignment and suspension service, and things to look out for.

Signs your tires may need alignment

Not everyone is a vehicle expert, and that's okay! Here are some things to look for to check the status of your tire alignment.

  • Tires are more worn on one side than the other

  • When driving on a straight, flat road, your steering wheel looks crooked

  • Veering to the right or left while on a straight road

Keep this checklist in mind if you want to have a good idea of how your tires are doing.

What is the suspension system, and what does it do?

Your tire alignment is easier to see on the exterior of the vehicle, but the suspension system is a little different. To put it simply, the suspension system connects your vehicle and the vehicle's tires. The other parts of this system include coil springs, rods, linkages, shock absorbers, and joints.

Whenever you hit a bump in the road, the coil springs are what take the biggest hit, so you can be safe. Along with this, the shock absorbers work to do that as well. The rods and linkages help hold everything together. Just like your body, the joints of the suspension system allow the different parts to slide around.

How do I know if I need suspension service?

Pay attention to these events, because they might determine whether or not you need suspension service.

  • Vehicle bounces more than once after hitting a bump

  • Your drive feels more bumpy than smooth

  • Like alignment, if the vehicle pulls to the left or right while driving

Suspension and Alignment service that can't be beat at your Texas dealership

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